The Code Sample Dilemma

Closed Source Means No Source

Having worked more than full-time on private projects for years means I had very little time for my own passion projects. This ultimately ends up leaving me with very little that I could use to showcase my knowledge. Although this is something that I wish I would have made more time for, I don't regret all of the effort and collaboration that I put into making all of the work products and projects that I worked on a success.

A Little Music

In the absence of a large selection of open source contributions, the next best thing is a Sample App of sorts. The idea is that it will contain a decent sampling of my knowledge and ability to create web applications. The sample application utilizes the open source music database, PHP framework Symfony, Bootstrap, and a little React.

Visit the Showcase -

Browse around and search for some Albums by artist or album name. The source is available on GitHub, some specific links are below. It is a work-in-progress, I have some more ideas for improvements.

Under the Hood

View the following bits of code on GitHub -

PHP & SQL: AlbumRepository.php

React / JS: AlbumApp & AlbumTiles

Docker: docker-compose.yml & Dockerfile


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