Online Testing - Student Assessments

Phase 2

After getting the Itembank application running for a few months and any major bugs worked out I was ready for my second large project. Add a new student Online Testing feature to our DnA product offering. Due to the obvious need for scalability and a very specific user workflow, I chose to create this as a separate standalone application utilizing a scalable NoSQL database solution. Users would design their assessments in our Itembank application, schedule them in our DnA application, and students would login to our Portal application to see their assigned assessments. Clicking the assessment uses an SSO mechanism to log the student into the OT application and serves up the assessment. Once a student test is completed, a scoring & processing daemon picks up the record and sends scores to DnA for reporting purposes. The screenshots below show a more recent evolution of the application that involved a number of developers and several years of revisions.

Student Online Testing:

Student Report:


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